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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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unacceptable what happened, and decision, and i do not support sheriffámirkarimi's reinstatement. thank you. good night. >> president chiu: next-j speaker.
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>> president chiu: thank you very much. and we will allow for twomq[4j minutes for a translation for what you stated under the rules is there someone whol/>bo wisheo translate? sir, please step up. >> president chiu: sir ifsomo u could please step up and translate what you are ables s.
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>> translator: in a nutshell, thereqlc"k isn't an immigrant m peru, his kids were born and they believe they come here, they believed in democracy here. and one ofjñ the things he was saying that he knows ross mirkarimi and+s4!i recently he t ross and it was eliana's first year he had over 400 people was alone, venezuela, basically in a nutshell. anybody else wanted to add english not very good. that's okay. your two minutes and our rules in the board chambers, if someone could translate or one translate what you've stated%&o.
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great. and we will do that?r. excuse me please. one person speaking in the chamber at a time. ma'am. would you like to speak? >>o,o q yes. i want to say something. i believe in the family. i believe in rossm and what did happen it wasn't by domestic7@.já it was a misunderstand. and please respect ourjzbñ vot. this happen did not destroy him. please think about it and reinstate him. we r366y our sheriff back. thank you very much. >> [speaking spanish] >> president chiu: excuse me,ox sir. are there other members of your family that wish to speak? >> [speaking spanish]h]ñ7p and e support mirkarimi. >> president chiu: thank you.
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>> hello. here. i was born
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>> the city of san francisco sfgtv meeting of the transbay joint powers authority occurring october 11, 2012 will begin shortly. >> the city of san francisco sfgtv meeting of the transbay joint powers authority occurring october 11, 2012 will begin shortly.
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>> the city of san francisco sfgtv meeting of the transbay joint powers authority occurring october 11, 2012 will begin shortly.
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>> good morning, and welcome to the transjoint power authority directors meeting for thursday october 11th, our apologies as we are waiting as you know, all of our meetings are recorded by the staff at sfgov tv and we thank to want them for recording the meetings. roll call. >> and part of taking roll is director sartipi may be delayed in traffic. >> director lloyd?
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>> here. >> metcalf? >> here. >> reiskin? >> here. >> ortiz? >> present. >> kim? >> here. >> as well, madam chair, you do have a quorum. >> are there any community indications from the board members? seeing none. i will move on to the business. if there is none, so we will move on to the executive director's report. >> great. good morning, directors and members of the public. some good news, i would like to start off by reporting that since our last meeting in september we did donate our wo llie mammoth tooth to the academies of sciences and they are thrilled to receive it and are going to be making it part of the permanent collection and they will notify us and put together an exhibit to understand what san francisco looked like about 11,000 years ago. we would like to thank the academy for all of their work on our behalf. second i am also pleased to report that our transbay
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traveling archeology exhibit was awarded the california, preserve vasing foundation, 2012 award. it is quite an honor to receive that award. there were only four awards given for the entire state of california. you had a jury of architecture, engineering and planning and history along with critics from the media, who based the selection on the secretary of interior standards and those have been guiding juries for the past 29 years. and so, later on this month, our own sals, will be traveling down to los angeles to pick up our award. this award as you know is for our archaeological exhibit and it is being shown at ac transit headquarters and back to san francisco for city hall centennial celebration. on to our work with the san francisco unified school district. as you know we have been working with all of our 28 union and some of our guys are here today.
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as well as all of our contractors, web core particular, to rereach out to our youth, provide education opportunities, and donation and so forth. and i want to say that web core deserves a great deal of recognition because they have been doing a lot of work in terms of donating the materials to the various schools as well as reaching out to the veteran's community and i would like to have mike pool come up and report to the board on what they have done most recently with tech 21. mike? >> good morning. >> my name is mike pool, i am the senior superintendent on the transpay project. web core and all of us at transbay take pride in giving back to the communities. in the past few months, we aexisted john o'connell high school tech 21 program by donating the necessary materials and tools to keep this class going. the tech 21 program provides high school students with an
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opportunity to earn high school credit through hands on construction experience. we hope that our donations allow for the students to have a positive experience and encourage them to pursue construction as a career. we are providing these donations right now. one of the things that they have is they have a beautiful shop, but it is empty. through, the carpenter's union and other contractors we are trying to fill in the shop by making it a working workshop like we had in the old days. lately over the past month, we loaded quite a bit of lumber and start the shop off and build the workbenches and we have to have somewhere to work off to do the projects. so we intend to support this project and even further. >> thank you for that and thank you web core on your work on our behalf. with respect it our parcels, i want you to know that the city released the rsp for a block
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nine to develop and design a fully entitled res denial project with ground floor retail that will include housing unit and retail, and neighborhood type serving retail and 580 residential in a 400-foot tower and adjacent 85-foot podium. and the deadline is december 12th, and when that all comes in we will have mike grisle come in and give a presentation to the board. i would like steve to come up and give the bulk of the presentation on our construction update. >> good morning, directors, steve with turner construction, providing construction oversight services. if we could... >> i will do it. >> it is on here. >> there it is. so, in the past 30 days, great progress has been made on the project. no recordable incidents and no accidents, nothing to report
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along those lines. another 12 shafts were completed and we were up 140, actually 145 by friday, i believe is the next pour. and closing in on the magic number of 207 early first quarter of next year. they do have a deadline, a milestone of 162 by the end of november. and that is clearly achievable. we have got almost 500,000 craft hours on the project between the utilities and the transit center work. and 60,000 of those were just completed in the last period and the last 30 days. excavation, obviously is continuing across, and the bracing is continuing, the structure package which is before you on the agenda for later the bids were received during the month of september. and the auxiliary water system continues on mission street and they are working their way down
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obviously, the unexpected conflicts with other utilities continue as we havene on that but they are working their way through them. the big highlight for this month, they did hit the bottom of the excavation on the end of the project closest to second and howard street. and we are getting started on the micro pile testing and i have pictures of that. coming up in the next period, would be to continue to work on the access trust wound zone three, the micropiles will continue into production in the next 30 to 60 days and one change in plan which does not effect the schedule at all, is the beal street traffic bridge with the operations still in full swing in that zone four area, that eastern area of project and put off the installation until a three-day weekend in february and they are reporting right now that there is no impact associated with that and does not need to be in place until the
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excavation is getting down in place and that is not until after the butreses are completed >> over all is on track with the structure being approved and the package being approved today. give them a chance to get geared up to start by the end of the year. that starts with the geothermal package. moving into the structure that is ready for bidding october, november, the last week of october is the current plan. and so that will be the next big piece and so on through the schedule. the bse, which is the major contractor working right now, the beta group continues their work. the only change in this time line is the indication that we are putting off the final traffic bridge until the first quarter of next year. the over all site view, the trelacs is connected to first street so they can use that to get in and out and they have a ramp in the south east zone
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where they are continuing the excavation there as well. this the excavation map that we started showing you last period. you can see in the lower left-hand corner that we are down at the very dark pink area, and it indicates are down to what is minus 41, which is practically about 60 feet from the street level and that is the bottom of the excavation and i will show you the pictures here in a second. there is a progress change between the center and western sections. you can see how the tressel bridge is complete with the crane operating off it and connected to first street for access. so, as i mentioned before, we bottomed out. there is the test bed for where the first micropiles will go in and for the pool testing. and here is a shot of those micropiles going in and they started that two weeks ago and doing the pool test on them this week. if everything passes according to the design, they will be able to start production piles
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shortly. each final production pile gets tested. there are 1800 of those and this is meant for the whole down of the structure against the pressure of the water. these are not bearing piles. just some more views of the struts and the internal bracing and the excavation in zones one and two continuing. there in zones one and two again. and in zone three, basically the beginning of the month, they were still removing the old wood piles, early in the month, by the middle they were putting up the excess tresle and you can see in the lower right-hand picture and where there they started building the actual access pad, the actual bridge portion and decking in that lower right-hand corner and now it is in use. zone four, the butress area continues and i know that the picture never changes but we did get 12 more shafts completed and they are on track
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to meet the next milestone in november. and i wanted to add this production chart and it gives you an idea of how they are meeting their goal. obviously we have got off to a slow start and some of the shafts were deeper in the beginning. and we have now caught up true to their efforts. and we have no problem projecting the 162 by the end of november and of course, the completion by april first of next year. >> 67 left to go of the original 207. this just some shots of their work again. and again, as i said before, awf, the auxiliary water system is continuing down mission street at this time which will be the last long run of that. and they did have a special event last friday, the folks from web corp and val foreand the subcontractor becker participated in getting about 100 students out from what they call the beaver organization and walked the job for the college-aged kids who are
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interested in civil engineering and heavy construction. and they were given an opportunity to learn about the project. and hopefully that will keep them interested in the trades and they will move on to be future superintendents and project managers and crafts people. >> the budget remains the same with the packages that have been committed. and we are tracking along those lines. as i said before, most 500,000 man craft hours to date, but we are running with just over 60 percent all local. now, the break-down is there, they are still trending in the same patterns with the 21 percent of the labor force that has reported coming from san francisco and the area that you know, east, the big contributor. >> and there is the break-down for the last month through the end of september, the entire break-down of where the crafts
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that are currently working on the project. we have about, we ran some numbers from payroll reports in september, we are run about 215 craft people and that averages between 210 and 215 and that is counting all of the shifts that is the head count typically during the days and i would be happy to answer any questions. >> are there any questions from the board members? >> seeing, none, thank you very much. >> thank you, directors. that concludes my report. >> great. so, at this time we will move on to item number six which is general public comment. are there any of the members of the public that would like to address the board? >> we have not received any indication that a member of the public wanted to address under this item. >> okay. with that, we can go ahead and move into your regular calendar. >> great. so item number 7. >> item seven is approving an amendment to award a trade
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subcontract to shimmick construction company. and the responsible bidder submitting lowest response bid in the amount of $111,770,900 for the tg 969 instructeral con street and subinstructer, water proofing... >> directors the report on this item and i should add that the shimmick representatives are also here today. >> good evening, directors, i'm brian dikes the principle engineer. this contract is for below grade the concrete work to fill up the hole to get back to ground. the cope of work which is fairly lengthy, this microphone is not working, can you hear me
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right? >> a lot of words here but pictures will come. it makes it easy to understand. basically the bulk of this work consists of almost 100,000 cubic yards of concrete. which is contained in concrete slab, the mat slab at the bottom which is five-foot thick and 200 foot wide and long. and the slab is about, the perimeter walls which are three feet thick and 3500 feet long and almost 50 foot high, this is a really big concrete job. and the duration and anticipated start of concrete work in february, is about 2 years. >> so, what we did with this contract is we started the work by putting the shoring walls in and this enables us to have a
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dry bathtub to build concrete in. because the water level is only 12 feet down. and we have an excavation of 60 feet deep. now we have reached the bottom of the excavation where the present contractor is putting down the tie-down piles in and this once that work is finished, is ready to put mat slab, that is the concrete slab which these piles tie down, there is not a big vertical force on this. so it is basically sits on the sand and it is held down against upward water pressure. >> and then the contractor builds the side, the three-foot thick sidewalls and as they are building, lifts going up it is not fast work, because you have got to move the bracing and the shoring that you saw in the previous pictures and rebrace it each time as you go up.
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he builds the columns that support the mezzaninelevel. >> and next it puts in the steel beams of what is put in on the contractor and the thing progresses. and so that is the next big contract, which is likely the biggest single contract of the structure which gets us all the way up to the roof. in addition to all of the steel and concrete, there are some fairly substantial specialty subcontractor work. two items, which are being handed over to shimmick to manage but not part of the bid. they were previously bid an award. of the geothermal loop in the work which has to go in before the concrete mat slab goes down because it is heat exchange tubes are below.
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there are some specialized and subcontract works. there is is a water proofing system so this whole, like any underground concrete work you don't want leaks and stains like you do see in some of the stations in the middle of town. which was a long time ago. there are small contracts for the county collector plumbing and communications not to do the actual work but to put in the conduits and the collections for it. but there is part of the main part of the work is the large subcontract for rebar. the procurement process that we issued the request for calls in november of last year. sorry. and we got 6 packages. the panel has evaluated qualified five, and one contractor was excluded he
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could not come up with even half of the bonding available to do the project this big. so we sent out the invitation for bid in may. and there were during the bid period, which added some additional items to the contract this work. and around about $3 million worth of extra work, better to get a bid now than to do it by change order. the engineers estimate was 95 million, including all of the allowance item for the police force for traffic control. we received three bids, two bidders dropped out. mainly they were panko and key wood pacific, both of whom gave the same reason, they had acquired too many other jobs in


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